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Porn Review

Is “Bro” Still a Thing?

I’m not going to pretend I don’t watch FraternityX.  I love hot fucking twink boys having filthy, rough, raw sex.  I typically have to watch these scenes on mute or my eyes just roll out of my head and down the street.  How many times can we say “bro” to …

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It’s Important to Investigate All Tips- Even Against Studios Who Contribute to Hate in the Industry.

I am just going to share these direct messages I received on Twitter in hopes that more of you will come forward.  Everyone who has been assisting with bringing those who use their ‘power’ in the industry to take advantage of others to justice, be patient.  We are making …

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Model Spotlight

Model Spotlight: Henrik Sommer is the Best Submissive Bottom in the Industry!

  TimTales has found a gold mine in Henrik Sommer.  I have seen a lot of bottoms claim they are the best, but this guy takes the cake and the dick and the biggest dicks!  It’s no secret how I feel about condoms and don’t get me wrong, I am …

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Real Talk

Bisexual Porn Star Reveals the Differences Between Gay and Straight Porn

Porn actor Chris Zeischegg reveals pay differences, the pressure to get and stay hard, and the stigma of being bi in the industry.   “When porn actor Chris Zeischegg answered a Craigslist ad looking for guys to get penetrated by women wearing dildos on camera, little did he know that …

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