The Gay Republic Beats Str8UpGayPorn as Best Blog EASILY!

It’s no secret that The Gay Republic has been checking Str8UpGayPorn on their bullshit over the last year. Over and over, TGR has called Str8up on misinformation, not fact checking and targeting those in the industry unjustly.  It’s ironic though that the Grabby Awards have awarded the blog with the …


Grabby Awards Weekend

Once upon a time, a brand new model with less than a year under his belt in the industry was nominated for multiple Grabby Awards.  He elected not to attend the awards as he decided that awards not chosen by fans and do not include ALL genres of porn are …

Morning Coffee

It’s Time For The Free Speech Coalition To Permit HIV+ Undetectable Performers to Clear in The PASS System

Twitter has been a stir the past few days since I called out for their discriminatory views regarding HIV+ performers.  It has been proven that there is a severe information gap between the gay and straight sides of the industry.  Maybe it is because doctors with agendas are providing …