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Iconic Porn Director Publishes “Death is Complicated”

August Ames, Jaxton Wheeler and an Industry of Inconvenient Truths “It was a December morning, not long before Christmas, when the adult industry learned that one of our beloved performers — someone many of us called a friend — had died. The news was shocking not only because this performer was so young, but …

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Sex, Death, and Social Media at the Annual Porn Awards

Five female porn stars have died within the past three months. At the AVN Awards, there was a strange mix of acknowledgment and carrying on with business as usual. FULL VICE ARTICLE HERE The reality is, nothing will change.  Since starting this blog, I have received a lot of hate …

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This is Rich Coming from a Hate Blog

“Str8UpGayPorn is a controversial website run in principal by Zachary Sire, a former gay porn star turned sensationalist blog editor. He makes a career purporting to be a legitimate source of news among the gay pornography industry and its supporters. Sire has spent much journalistic effort on his “news, gossip, and …

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Tweet of The Week

“An alleged rapist plagiarizing someone else’s denial of rape. I’ve reported on a lot of crazy things but this is possibly one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen someone do.” -@ZacharySire  Do we need to remind this owner of Str8upgayporn the article he did after losing the best blog …

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The Evolution of Porn is Upon Us- Change or Be Left Behind!

For years, the studio porn style of content has been on the decline.  But is it finally dead?  With the accessibility to performers via social media, fans feel more connected to their favorite stars.  What does this mean?  It means that fans get to know what the performers are really …