Davyd Dixon Blog Trashes Performer for Asking To See STI Test Results Before Performing in Sex Scenes

Davyd Dixon, who is the PR Manager for Raging Stallion and Cockyboys, blatantly called out the studios he represents as being “complicit”.  His blog, Str8upGayPorn, which specializes in tearing down models who speak out against mistreatment, has launched an all out defamation campaign against popular performer Sergeant Miles.  What did …

Morning Coffee

Vultures Swoop Down on Cam Model JBunny at Phoenix Forum

Could Jbunny be a new Sean Cody exclusive?  Well, by the looks of all the thirsty producers at the Phoenix Forum, he could very well be with a number of studios right now.  But I heard he signed a scene guarantee with Sean Cody. He was almost manipulated into not …


Seth Santoro Looks Better Than Ever in New Raging Stallion Movie

VIEW FULL SCENE Raging Stallion, the Falcon Studios Group site featuring natural men, has released their latest feature, ‘Shut Up & Fuck Me!’. Award-winning director Steve Cruz, heads up a huge cast of 11 studs with no use for words. Amazing sex in lieu of an extensive storyline is the …


Do You Remember that Hot Helix Model: Luke Wilder

I always find it curious when a studio introduces a new hot model, then you never see him again.  Helix introduced Luke Wilder a while back.  This guy is beyond sexy and his scene with Cole Claire is one for the record books.  So where has he been? I have …