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Apag Union Threatens Model To Retract Discrimination Claims

It is apparent that a Union designed to protect models has proven itself as a bully with threats to stifle model free speech and seeks to operate without check and balances. You could be next!  But remember, you have the right to your voice! Late last night, I received an …

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Why I Get So Angry Over Testing in Porn!

Changing Porn Testing Procedures is Critical from Bill Gray on Vimeo.


Billy Santoro Resigns From Union Board Due To Alleged Discrimination

  Currently, under the the testing protocols to perform in most adult acting roles, you must be Hiv- in order to be cleared to work.  If you test Hiv+ and undetectable, you are blackballed from performing and labeled unsafe. Is this bigotry and fear? Or just an outdated system created …


Rocco Steele and Billy Santoro to do LIVE Show April 28- 9pm EST

Rocco Steele and Billy Santoro did one of the hottest scenes in Raging Stallion’s Bang On!   Fans have been requesting the pairing since.  You will get the real Rocco and Billy this time.  Raw and uninhibited-how they both love it!  You can find some of Rocco’s real hook-ups with …

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Social Media Meltdowns

Medusa is in all of us!