The Gay Republic Beats Str8UpGayPorn as Best Blog EASILY!

It’s no secret that The Gay Republic has been checking Str8UpGayPorn on their bullshit over the last year. Over and over, TGR has called Str8up on misinformation, not fact checking and targeting those in the industry unjustly.  It’s ironic though that the Grabby Awards have awarded the blog with the …

Morning Coffee

APAG Union Is Against Hiv+ Undetectable Performers and Backs Up Bigoted Vice President’s Discrimination Sentiment

The chose to disregard all current science regarding Hiv+ Undetectable and the fact that is has a 0% transmission rate.  What this means is that it CANNOT be transmitted through sexual contact.  The Apag Union chose to back up the hate speech of their Vice President, who has recently …


Twitter Suspends Vice President of APAG Union for Hate Speech

  It’s time for everyone to speak out against this Apag Union and call for the immediate  resignation of all members who use fear to keep the HIV stigma alive in the adult industry.  It’s obvious by the Vice President’s tweet that they consider gay porn to be a “cesspool …