Is Noir Male Filling a Gap or Is It Perpetuating Stereotypes

Noir Male launched yesterday to mixed reviews.  And the rumor is, it’s not doing to well.  But why isn’t it doing well?  More importantly, is the site giving us something new?  Black men topping.  Ok.  I get it.  It’s very well known in the industry that the consumer doesn’t pay …


How The Straight Porn Industry Killed Dave Slick

It’s no secret that Dave Slick and I were extremely close.  It’s pretty rare in this industry that I vibe well on all levels with one person.  I do tend to focus on work, projects, performing and the business side of the industry.  I try not to feed into crap, …

Morning Coffee

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Austin Wolf Creates Copycat Site…AGAIN! But Is Bullying Performers Acceptable In His Case?

I have been busy as fuck this summer with Prides, filming, International travel and keeping my JustFor.Fans/Billysantoroxxx updated multiple times daily.  I work very hard on everything I do as do a lot of performers who are creating content.  I always advised performers to make that money!  Put that content …