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Morning Coffee: Performers’ Safety Extends Beyond Just Cyberbullying and Producer Abuse. just announced their first bareback scene coming this Saturday featuring William Seed and Ryan Bones.  Men’s sister studio, Bromo has already been producing bareback content utilizing the PASS/Talent Testing system to ensure performers’ health is protected. With the current fear on the straight side of the industry to work …

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee: Trolls, Trolls, Trolls- “If They Ain’t Payin’ Your Bills, Pay Them Bitches No Mind.”

Performers are attacked constantly on the internet by ‘keyboard thugs’ daily.  These same people will smile in your face at a live appearance, then bash you online. Actually, most time, you never see these people.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, go read any comment section …

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Morning Coffee- Fleshjack Severs Ties with Topher DiMaggio and Cockyboys Doesn’t- Are You Surprised?

As Topher DiMaggio is systematically being blackballed due to his alleged crimes, Cockyboys is still not being held accountable in their role in this.  Rj Sebastian is not being held accountable with regard to his alleged crimes.  Is this because performers have no power?  Is this because Davyd Dixon is …

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Morning Coffee- Protect Your Pussy

Hey Performers!  It’s your body.  You are allowed to have a checklist of what you will do and will not do!  Do NOT be coerced to do anything you do not want to do.  At the end of the day, there is little protection for sex workers, you must protect …

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Morning Coffee: CockyBoy Topher DiMaggio was NOT “Suspended” for the Allegations Against Him, He was Fired for Modeling with JJ Malibu- Andrew Christian’s Competition in the Apparel World!

I am learning really fast that as Tatianna says, “What you see isn’t always the truth.” We all know that Davyd Dixon uses his skills in the public relations realm to ensure nothing negative is exposed about his companies i.e the alleged sexual harassment allegations against RJ Sebastian [Cockyboys]and the potential repercussions of …