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I have stepped away from this blog for a few months to work on my projects. I’ll be honest.  I got really fucking bored with calling out studios for their bullshit, deception, poor ethics, etc, etc etc.  It’s so commonplace that it really doesn’t matter in the end.  So, why do a blog?  What is the point?  I don’t do this blog to make money.  It was never my motivating factor for it.  Initially, I started the blog to shed truth on all the lies Zach Sire was spewing on his blog.  But, it didn’t matter.  People aren’t interested in the truth and that is fine.

A lot has gone on in my professional life over the last year.  I have become completely financially independent with the help of sites like, JustFor.Fans/BillySantoroXXX, and  This has enabled me to speak my mind without fear of consequences.  It also enabled me to call people out in the industry for unethical behavior.  Great, right…you would think.  I learned a valuable lesson working for Icon Male over the last year.  That lesson: No matter how hard you work and how well you do for a company, the powers that be will always give into gossip and peer pressure.  Things were done to me by colleagues to discredit me to my superiors.  I know it’s better to just forgive and move on, which I have done.  I also challenge Icon Male to take a hard look at your numbers since Nica Noelle and I have left the company.  I can assure you they will not be the same.

That being said, I have been watching a lot of porn and doing camera work for a lot of porn.  I have watched directors just point a camera and offer zero direction to the performer.  Everyone from the performer to the director to the editors are just cranking out mediocre content and it shows.  Numbers do not lie!  Wait!  That’s it!  I will use my blog to really critique the content coming out!!  I’m not going to pull any punches!  Models, if you perform like shit, I will call you out.  Directors, if you bore me, I will all you out. Get ready.  I am going to start with a scene I fell asleep to twice already today.  BORING!  Stay tuned!

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Gay porn consumers are as much to blame for mediocracy as the studios producing those scenes. If they’re subscribing to sites pumping out high volumes of mediocre content it stands to reason the owners have funds to continue. With the diversion of money to cheap subscriptions, quality studios lack resources for production as well as competitive compensation to crew and talent. In short, the plethora of bad scenes drives down gay porn’s overall quality and hurts talent pay. Give a model minimum pay, get minimum performance.

As brought up, crap directors also are an issue. At NDS Cameron Dalile’s talent lies in taking otherwise good performers and sapping the energy from them. And I still cannot figure out what the ‘eff is going on with Tyler Reed.

I believe things won’t improve until better studios get the backing they deserve.

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