Is Noir Male Filling a Gap or Is It Perpetuating Stereotypes


Noir Male launched yesterday to mixed reviews.  And the rumor is, it’s not doing to well.  But why isn’t it doing well?  More importantly, is the site giving us something new?  Black men topping.  Ok.  I get it.  It’s very well known in the industry that the consumer doesn’t pay to see a black man bottom unless it’s for another black man.  For years, Black men have been fetishized for being aggressive tops.  Where has this come from? No, seriously, where does it come from?  Personally, I have topped many black men.  I have come across more bottoms than tops.  Let’s face it, the gay community has an unusually high abundance of bottoms.  This doesn’t see race!

I had a chance to review the site.  I feel like every scene is interchangeable.  Maybe it would do the site some justice to have multiple directors producing content.  It also shows that perhaps Chi Chi LaRue is not growing with the times.  I felt like I was watching scenes from the late 90s.  Nothing felt new! The men cast for the scenes are drop dead gorgeous men.  But why are they not getting the focus of the marketing push? I’ll tell you why.  There is still that fear that black men simply do not sell in gay porn.  Chi Chi not only keeps her directing style in the 90s, but also her out of touch view of the market.  I get asked by many in the industry if I think Noir Male with last.  The short answer: No.  It will lose too much before it makes any.  Some advice for Noir Male.  Don’t fetishize a race!  You can use your content methods, but focus more on being relatable rather than watching a big black dick fuck.  

That being said, I found this hot scene that said nothing about black v. white.  Maybe this should be a Noir Male scene!!


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