The WORST Advice a Studio Can Give to a Model!


In early 2013, I was contemplating doing my first porn scene.  I had no intention to leave my six-figure income career for porn, but I was having that urge to check the box, so to speak.  I was getting advice from every direction.  Friends were advising me not to do it.  Co-workers were advising me to keep it secret if I do.  Porn stars were telling me I may not have the look, etc.  [Discouraging me from throwing my hat into the ring.] But worst of all, producers were telling me not to do a ton of scenes for a lot of companies.  They told me I would expire in less than a year if I just worked often for a lot of people.  That terrified me.  So I signed a contract with and was exclusive for the first six months of my career.

In that time, I never reached the level of fame that I could have in those six months.  I wasn’t getting any club gigs.  My social media following was shit.  And worst of all, I wasn’t making a ton of money.  Why would a studio ever tell a model, YOU CAN’T WORK!?  It’ll be bad for your career?

My contract terminated in late 2013 and I made a commitment to myself to never listen to the advice of studios or anyone for that matter. My gut feeling and achieving my goals was more reliable.  I set out to work as much as possible and take a ‘never say no’ approach to porn and performing.  I also started laying the ground work to launch my own concepts in the industry.  I have fought on behalf of models for years who are also being manipulated by studios.  If a model wants to work, let him work.  MODELS!!!  It does not matter what ‘contract’ you have with a studio.  They cannot tell you who you can and cannot have sex with.  That is called sex trafficking and is against the law!

I was filming a ton of scenes with a ton of studios.  I said yes to every studio who approached me.  I did everything from scenes that paid $350 for an hour of work, to scenes that paid $2500 for 10 hours of work.  I worked with anybody they put in front of me.  I never, ever said no to a scene partner.  After all, the truly successful guys in the industry are true exhibitionists, love sex, and understand that porn is not a dating service.  A few months before Raging/Hot/Falcon President Chris Ward announced his retirement, he offered me an exclusive contract.  He watched a few of my cam shows and was amazed at how I was able to keep the attention of thousands without really doing much.  We set up a phone call and he was under the assumption that I wanted to slow down my career.  At that time I was 3 years in the game with an average of 12 scenes a month consistently.  I told him, I respected him, Kent, Tony…the entire Falcon team at the time.  But I would never slow down.  I expressed to him that I would do an exclusive deal, but I must have a few clauses in my contract where I was free to create websites, produce content, and manage myself on all levels.  Needless to say, we were not in agreement.  Which is fine.  I understand the appeal of exclusivity from a studio perspective.  “This is the ONLY place you can see a model’s content.”  But I have learned over the years that not everyone wants to see the model directed by the same directors, with the same performers, in the same type of genre.  A performer grows when he gets to work with all types of directors and studios in the industry.  That is how you bring a huge fan base to your studio through a model.  I have fans that had no idea I did BDSM porn, because they have only seen me on  Now they have joined to see me cast a little differently.  Do you get it?

I have also developed my own fame/gaylebrity if you will.  Due to market appeal across different genres in the industry, I have been able to model apparel, do appearances for different subsets of the community, do fundraising, monetize my social media, etc.  That is not an easy thing to do when you have only worked for one company.

I say going exclusive and keeping a small library of films was the worst advice I’ve ever been given in the industry, because it was FOR ME.  But, to say I would become saturated and nobody will want to see me anymore, is just a lie.  I am making more money in the industry than ever and I am still in demand because I keep myself in demand.  Performers are in control of their careers.  Studios, agents, and your peers are not.  Do what is right for YOU!

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