The Gay Republic Beats Str8UpGayPorn as Best Blog EASILY!


It’s no secret that The Gay Republic has been checking Str8UpGayPorn on their bullshit over the last year. Over and over, TGR has called Str8up on misinformation, not fact checking and targeting those in the industry unjustly.  It’s ironic though that the Grabby Awards have awarded
the blog with the title of Best Blog.

I don’t disagree that TGR does an amazing job at covering gay porn.  It also does a pretty good job at covering the art of porn rather than the bullshit that has nothing to do with porn.  Unlike Str8upgayporn, who capitalizes on kicking models/directors when they are down or creating drama when there is none simply for clickbait, TGR covers what we want to see: our favorite performers doing what we are paying to see!

TGR has had enough over the last couple years and decided to take a stance against Davyd Dixon and Str8upgayporn by calling out their bullshit and defamatory behavior.  I was worried at first that since studios like Cockyboys, Helix, Falcon etc fund Str8upgayporn, they would turn against TGR.  Let’s face it, money talks in this industry.  The fact that the Grabby Awards are also funded by these groups through sponsorships, I find it hard to believe a PR guy like Davyd Dixon would allow his clients to partake in the validation of blog that calls out a blog he owns for their bullshit, but they did.  Is this a sign that studios are fed up with Sire, Dixon and their destruction of the industry? I doubt it!  But it does speak volumes.  It’s either one of the following:  1) They are all in bed together to make a buck.  2) The tide is turning and studios are getting back to the art of porn.  I hate to be that cynical queen, but I feel like they are all in bed together.

Either way, congrats to The Gay Republic!  Keep up the great work and stay focused on the art of porn and building up the industry rather than tearing it down like others do.


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