Model Spotlight: Cockyboy Exclusive Taylor Reign

Model Spotlight

I first noticed Cockyboys Exclusive Taylor Reign at the Cybersocket awards in Los Angeles in 2017.  He was wearing a ‘pup’ fetish look that caught my eye right away.  I am not, personally, into the fetish.  But something about Taylor, who incredibly embodied the fetish in ways I’ve never seen, made me instantly attracted to him.  I wanted to know who this person was!  People who know me understand how difficult it is to garner my attention for longer than five minutes when it comes to looks, but I was literally engrossed with Taylor the entire evening.  And, yes, I couldn’t take my eyes of his ass, even if there was a tail wagging behind him!

I recently had the opportunity to interview this stud!  He is much more than just an adult performer.  He is incredibly talented in many areas.  This has done nothing more than make me a little more obsessed with Taylor Reign!

You started as Alex Vaara for Helix then Taylor Reign for Cockyboys. Why did you reinvent yourself?

When first starting into the world of pornography, I used the name Alex Vaara. Alex was chosen because I already responded to it as my best friend from grade school and all through high school had that name & he and I were always getting mixed up by teachers and other students. We were almost identical. My very first scene was for CollegeDudes when I was 20. From there, I continued to film for them and other studios for the next four years such as Helix, GayRoom, ManRoyale, Venetian, & Cockyboys.

I eventually left the porn scene to go to school for Aesthetics and acquired my license. In that time I had my mind and my heart set on creating my own brand and reinventing myself they way I wanted to be seen. No more would I just be the skinny bottom twink. I would use my real first name and be myself; aggressive, passionate and creative. Since then, I feel like fans, viewers and even my friends have gotten to know me better and see me for who I really am.

You are extremely creative. Where do you think that comes from?

I think that my creativity comes from many different places. I gather inspiration from mythology, video games, anime, music, drag, club kids and of course from smoking too much weed.

Tell us what you are doing now. Porn? Gear? Camming?

Currently, I am filming porn exclusively for Cockyboys. However, I am still doing makeup and costuming for other studios which you can see from my work in Falcon’s Heaven to Hell 2 and my anual body paintings for ColbyKnox. I also have been designing and making custom leather gear and couture, soon to launch my own brand.

What are your passions?

My passions are as diverse as I am. I enjoy cooking, snuggling up to a movie, hot showers and baths and of course designing and making art/leather work. I’ve been really getting into working out and kickboxing though im still a beginner.

I’m not going to lie, I was mesmerized by you at the Cybersockets 2 years ago. I literally could not take my eyes off you. Do you think being in touch with your fetishes allows you to be more confident and command a room?

Aww, thank you so much. I wasn’t shaking my tail at you so you would ignore me. But yes, I do believe that being in touch with my fetishes allows me to be more confident. I love dressing in leather, my pup mask and any mask for that matter. I feel like I can really be myself and am fully in touch with myself when I dress in fetish gear. Pup hoods are a perfect example; they allow us to get into our headspace unjudged and free..

CockyBoys Fans Only- What does that mean to you? And will you be partaking in that concept. You could really bring some unique content to the Cockyboys and fill a niche that isn’t being filled.

Im very excited to be taking part in Cockyboys FansOnly! For me, it means I get to show people how I like to have sex. Meaning that Cockyboys is working with me to create and direct my own line of videos. Im calling it TREIGNED. Get it? Taylor Reign and self training videos haha! Every new sexual encounter is a new experience and I think its hot that everyone gets to see what my fantasy and fetishes are. Im hoping to show people that kinks and fetishes can be fun while you are trying them out and having some fun.

 If you could do anything in the adult industry, what would it be.

If I could do anything in the adult industry, it would be to direct and produce my own movie with the collaboration of several studios. It is my goal to better unify the industry, tell my story and create something that will speak to fans of porn, art and fashion alike.

Taylor sent me some juicy nudes too, but I am going to use those for my quiet time later tonight.  You can find Taylor Reign on Istagram, Facebook and Twitter.  If you want to get Taylor something for his birthday or spoil the shit out of him, check out his Wishlist.   For all you boys and girls out there who want to show up to an event and have something unique to wear- Check This Out!!


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