Billy Santoro Resigns From Union Board Due To Alleged Discrimination



Currently, under the the testing protocols to perform in most adult acting roles, you must be Hiv- in order to be cleared to work.  If you test Hiv+ and undetectable, you are blackballed from performing and labeled unsafe. Is this bigotry and fear? Or just an outdated system created when science wasn’t advanced? I tend to lean toward the former based on the facts.

After a twitter disagreement with the Apag Union regarding their stance on Hiv+ performers, Billy Santoro was asked to resign by the Vice President Ruby.  The union appears to be convinced that Hiv+ and undetectable is unsafe to work with even after Billy sited the CDC reports that Hiv+ undetectable CANNOT transmit the virus.  This appears to be nothing more than the bigotry and homophobia that run deep within the straight porn industry.

“It’s not a 100% and why would you do that to Kelly publicly. That’s shitty. I’m disappointed in the way you handled this. I changed my mind. You should resign.” -VP Ruby

After I confronted the misinformation and blatant bigotry that was being discussed on twitter, I received the above message.  Honey, if you want to make a public statement, I will call you out.  I know the straight side doesn’t know me well, but I don’t fear your opinions.  I shut you down instead and remember, the LGBTQ community have beaten grander odds than a small ineffective ‘union’ of women with a vendetta.  Well, now I have a vendetta.  Congratulations.

I urge all performers to stay away from the ApagUnion.  They care about one type of model- straight hiv- females.  They do not represent most performers nor do they care about helping you succeed.

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Really breaks down the homophobia and stigma on the straight side. Your point about how speculating about what someone “might” do is only conveniently used against gay and crossover performers, yet there’s never any concern or speculation about what straight female and straight male performers “might” do after getting cleared for work.

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