Owner of BoyCrush Accused of Sexual Harassment!

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Newcomer to the industry Ethan Steele has accused Bryan, the owner of Boycrush Studios, of sexual harassment.  And he has the text messages to prove it!!

He posted the above screenshot on twitter along with this statement:

Here is my advice:

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Honestly doesn’t surprise me…. This guy is twisted, sick in the head, and does NOT treat his models ok. I came out with my story of what happened, but due to my lawyers advice I kept all indetifying information private. I’m glad to see other models and other people in the industry are starting to speak out. Read my story here:


There’s literally no story. Those messages were Bryan helping him get a place to live and he said the sexual favors as a joke hence the lol. He also was and still is in a relationship so people who have no clue what actually happened and managed to blow a half hearted joke up are stupid.


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