OnlyFans v. JustForFans v. ManyVids v. Pornhub v. Clips4Sale v. IWantGayClips

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These days everyone is attempting to cash in on performer produced content platforms. The fact is, they are extremely lucrative if you put in the work.  But why would a consumer pay for this rather than highly produced porn with two or more unbelievable sexy men?  Reality!

I am doing very well on these platforms for one real reason, I take video of my real hook-ups.  I rarely stage anything.  You see me with someone I really want to fuck.  Personally, I think that is the selling point for me.  My fans get to see me really have sex rather than something produced and staged with someone I might not normally have sex with in real life.

I had a long conversation with award winning director Chi Chi LaRue last weekend about the nature of the business and performer produced content.  As most of you can see, porn boys are just fucking other porn boys and posting it on the sites.  Is that what the consumer wants?  I feel like, for me, why would I pay to see two people fuck when I can see them fuck on the porn sites?  I want to see your REAL sex.  Your REAL hook-ups.

So which platform is the best?  I started with Onlyfans, which is subscription based and operates much like a tumblr feed.   Then I had a ton of requests from fans to just buy individual videos, so I joined ManyVids.  This way people can buy what they want rather than having to subscribe, even though that option is available as well.  Then came JustFor.Fans.  Dominic Ford started something that has a ton of avenues to make money.  You can sell subscriptions, individual videos, your used jocks, text messages, etc.  This is the best options to create a one-stop well-rounded business.

The number one porn site in the world, Pornhub has announced it will allow user to sell content as well.  They are not live yet, but I have started to upload content for when they do.  The traffic alone will drive sales!  Clips4Sale is something that has been around for a while, but I never felt the LGBT market presence was there to sustain profitability.  Now, everybody’s favorite Director Marc MacNamara is involved with bringing IWantGayClips to you.  This has not launched at this time, but is set to operate similar to ManyVids.

Personally, I feel secure with sites such as Ford’s JustFor.Fans and MacNamara’s IWGC mainly because it is gay operated and I tend to gravitate to supporting my community.  That being said, I encourage everyone who produces content to utilize all outlets!!

I have included a PornHub video I posted for Free to give you an idea of the content I produce.

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Onlyfans has stopped supporting tech issues. Mine keeps showing the same suggested sites always without refreshing now, used to change. And it used to let me log in using twitter through Firefox. I reported these and no responses. Abandon ship!

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