Str8upGayPorn Owner Zachary Sire Has Meltdown


It’s no secret the editor of the hate blog, Str8UpGayPorn and owner Davyd Dixon have been on edge as of late.  They have been PR nightmares and it looks as him they are falling off the deep end.

First, Davyd Dixon was observed being ridiculously irritating and frantic at the Phoenix Forum.  I don’t know if all the bad PR about him is leaking out to all his clients, but it’s a fact he is losing them left and right.  I mean, if a PR manager can’t keep positive PR about himself…maybe he just isn’t that good at it.

But the straw broke the camels back last week when Zachary Sire was discovered allegedly high on meth at a popular southern California bathhouse.  Now, we know a lot of boys engage in party drugs, but sources close to the hate blogger say that Zach is obsessed with porn to the point that it is making him crazy.  He did try to become a performer years ago, but that didn’t work out.  He has allowed that defeat to impact how he tears down those who are successful.  I am only speculating here as to why he has allegedly fallen off the deep end, but it could be good old fashion karma.

I do feel bad for Sire.  I did forgive him once for being an asshole to me when I first starting in the industry.  There literally was no reason for it.  When I won the Grabby for best Web Performer, he apologized to me and asked for an interview, which I gave him.  But as soon as I started working for Icon Male and Nica Noelle, he turned against me again.  What is his obsession with the director?  It is obvious her success is driving him crazy.  But you don’t have to turn to drug use to make you feel better about yourself.  Get some help.  We’ve lost too many in the industry to this.  Don’t become another casualty.  Rehab works!!

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