Davyd Dixon Blog Trashes Performer for Asking To See STI Test Results Before Performing in Sex Scenes


Davyd Dixon, who is the PR Manager for Raging Stallion and Cockyboys, blatantly called out the studios he represents as being “complicit”.  His blog, Str8upGayPorn, which specializes in tearing down models who speak out against mistreatment, has launched an all out defamation campaign against popular performer Sergeant Miles.  What did he do, you may ask?  He asked to see current STI test results for a model he would have to perform unprotected oral sex with.  Interestingly enough, Dixon’s blog holds Raging Stallion studios responsible for their models’ safety, but not sexual health.

I do agree that studios should be responsible for models’ safety.  But to assert that a model who wants STI testing results, is an attack is ludicrous.  Dixon’s blog also asserts through subtext that perhaps all studios should move to the third party testing PASS/Talent Testing which would require all models to be tested regardless of the type of scene.  This may be on the horizon for Raging Stallion Studios anyway as they plan to move forward with switching the studio to the bareback genre.

It’s obvious Dixon’s blog grows its traffic through model bashing.  Sergeant Miles is just another in a long line of victims of the blog.  But I do like that Dixon’s blog asserts that studios are responsible for the treatment of their models on set.  How come Dixon didn’t mention a word about how Topher DiMaggio treated Tegan Zayne on set with the Cockyboys?  Oh.  I forgot, Davyd Dixon is the PR Manager for Cockyboys and that wouldn’t serve his client.

Davyd Dixon and his flunky, Zach Sire should really get it together.  I am rooting for them to do the right thing.  Stop attacking models and pay attention to the real issues in the industry.  Producers bullying potential new performers into exclusive contacts? Gun Oil conducting themselves in ways that are anti-LGBT?  Or maybe even that fact that your client is allegedly being sued for contract violations?  Dixon, you really need to figure out what PR Management is.  You don’t seem to be able to put the clients you represent in a positive light.  Attacking the Falcon group for putting models’ safety at risk in your own blog doesn’t seem to do the job.  Attacking a model for caring about his sexual health is exactly why Apagunion.com is being initiated throughout the entire industry.

Dixon, hearing all the bullshit about you at the Phoenix Forum and how so many in the industry consider you nothing more than a nuisance tells me that your days are numbered.  Pretty soon, all you will have is your blog and your hate, because as more and more industry and non-industry are able to google YOU and connect YOU with all this negativity and stories that conflict with your purpose at a PR Manager…. The days are numbered.

Sergeant Miles will continue to work no matter what you do.  No matter how much hate you spew at him, he will prevail.  Do you know why?  Because he sells.  Because he is a great performer.  And he has a fan base larger than YOURS.



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