Alleged Drug Addicted Gay Porn Blogger Turns his Back on The LGBT Community and Roots For Homophobe!

Zachary Sire and David Dixon [pictured above] own and operate Str8upGayPorn which has taken the side of the allegedly viciously homophobic and transphobic woman who has filed a lawsuit against Icon Male.  She used language that was viciously transphobic using terms like “not normal”  We can only speculate as to …


Str8upGayPorn Owner Zachary Sire Has Meltdown

It’s no secret the editor of the hate blog, Str8UpGayPorn and owner Davyd Dixon have been on edge as of late.  They have been PR nightmares and it looks as him they are falling off the deep end. First, Davyd Dixon was observed being ridiculously irritating and frantic at the …


Zachary Sire Allegedly On Drugs at Bareback Sex Party

Looks like our favorite blogger has shown himself.  Rumor has it he was allegedly observed at a bathhouse in Southern California on what appeared to be a derivative of crystal meth.  Now I cannot say this is true or not, but those you who know him…well, know him.   This …

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“You Have to Cause Drama in Order to Stop Drama.”

   A Newcomer’s Perspective By: Dave Slick For a long time now, I have shared the opinion that our business is comprised of two types of people. There are the driven and ambitious sort, who will remain for the long term. And then there is a substantial population that …

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Why Do Porn Performers Do Club Appearances

As I prepared for my appearance at the Saloon in Minnesota, I got to thinking why do bars want porn stars to be guests.  What do we do?