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Morning Coffee: #OhMyGoditsRomanTodd

Check out Roman Todd’s work at Icon Male!  Check out his Onlyfans!  

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee: My Follow-Up Rant. Nothing Bothers me more than Performers Attacking Performers for their Work!

I just posted an article about adult entertainers in one genre attacking the work of others in a different genre.  It’s pathetic.  STOP!

Real Talk

Adult Entertainment Offers Many Outlets. If You Bully Performers, You Should Be Boycotted!

I posted an article submitted by adult performer/producer Big C a few weeks ago discussing his reasoning for choosing to do performer produced content utilizing platforms such as OnlyFans and the brand new, JustFor.Fans.  It was a great article and I do not disagree with him with regards to the …

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Morning Coffee: OnlyFans Announces They Are NOT Issuing 1099’s for American Performers…But There is a Better Platform That Just Launched!

Onlyfans has announced they will NOT be issuing 1099’s for American performers.  What this means is that you, as the producer, must track all income earned from the platform.  You MUST report the income!  Performers are starting to leave the platform! There is also concern that OnlyFans has began removing …

Porn Review

For All You Boys Who Like to Get High And Fuck!

“This precious lil puppy showed up at my doorstep the other night (granted I gave him my address, but I would like to pretend he was lost and found his way). After he settled in, we packed the bong a couple times and I had a few stiff drinks per …