Model Spotlight

Model Spotlight: Seth Santoro!

Seth Santoro has been a quiet force in the gay porn industry for quite some time.  His fans are adoring and he has worked for most major studios and creates his own content as well.  I may be a little biased here as I spent 6 years married to this …

Real Talk

This is Rich Coming from a Hate Blog

“Str8UpGayPorn is a controversial website run in principal by Zachary Sire, a former gay porn star turned sensationalist blog editor. He makes a career purporting to be a legitimate source of news among the gay pornography industry and its supporters. Sire has spent much journalistic effort on his “news, gossip, and …

Porn Review says ‘Fuck You’ to Traditional Porn Methods- He’s Cumming Deep Inside!

This scene has made me so happy!  Whenever REAL sex is happening, my dick gets hard.  I have been waiting and waiting to see a real internal cum shots and now I got one! As a performer, we are told “we must see the cum”.  But is that how people …