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Traditional Porn Studios- Do Performers Even Need It Anymore?

There has been this battle as of late between the traditional porn industry and the performer-produced content industry.  I have news for you, there is only one industry.  Adult entertainment.  These concepts are just facets within the industry.  Ironically, a lot of the latter is being produced by performers who …

Morning Coffee

LIVE! Morning Coffee w/ Billy Santoro

Morning Coffee is Billy’s first thought, vent, gripe, commentary, etc.   You can watch Billy’s LIVE filming HERE If you miss the LIVE fuck show, You can catch it HERE    

Porn Review

It’s Always Weird to Watch Straight Guys Cam With Each Other

“When Nevin and Xander said they wanted to do a live webcam show, I had no idea what to expect. And it turned out to be a lot more than I’d imagined. There was no real plan, except to have them log on and let the viewers send tips and …


Can Gay Porn Undo Body Dysmorphia?

Gay porn is usually seen as causing body dysmorphia in gay men. But could recent moves towards more diversity in porn actually lead to a decrease in dysmorphia? Good Porn/Bad Porn is a semi-regular series looking at porn from different angles. It aims to challenge assumptions, question beliefs and expand …

Real Talk

Topher DiMaggio has 5th Accuser Come Forward, Cockyboys Just As Guilty

Why? Why? Why is everyone ignoring the elephant in the room? Don’t you think it’s very fucking convenient that Str8up is ignoring all the accusations that have been coming out regarding the alleged theft, fraud, sexual harassment by the Cockyboys producers while focusing on the alleged sexual assault accusations against …