Director Spotlight

Director’s Spotlight- Chi Chi LaRue

“Yasssss, Billy!  Lick that ass!  Spit on it!  Get nasty!” cheers internationally renown gay porn director Chi Chi LaRure as she hovers over a monitor watching the filming of Intense Interrogation starring Trenton Ducati and yours truly.  It’s always been a dream to be directed by Chi Chi LaRue.  Let’s face …

Porn Review

This Looks Like the Santoro Sex Party on Weekends In DC

There are many times I host sex parties at my home in DC and it is pretty straightforward.  Come over, have a cocktail, get your dick hard and add a load to the bottom.  If we like you, stay and add another load.  But there is a little thing called …

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee- Davyd Dixon is the Problem!

If you don’t know who Davyd Dixon is by now, you soon will.  The fans are usually not aware of the inner-workings of the porn industry.  We are truly no different than Hollywood and the culture there.  People like Weinstein sit comfortably behind the scenes for years abusing performers on the …

Porn Review

This One is HUGE!

I met Rocco Steele for the first time a few years ago before our Raging Stallion scene – Bang On!  I was given a call by the director, Steve Cruz, a month prior asking if I could take big dick?  “Baby, I am a porn performer.  All the dicks are …

Real Talk

Gabriel Cross- The Hardest Working OnlyFans Performer!

If you follow European Porn performer, Gabriel Cross on social media, then you know he is cranking out OnlyFans content more than most. I thought I fucked a lot. Well, maybe I do! The difference is that Gabriel is finding every porn performer in the world and just doing some …