Um- Does He Have Three Testicles?

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Usually when I watch FraternityX, I have to mute it because the white trashy verbal is just extremely irritating.  And this is no exception!  I never really like the photos from the scene, but this one caught my eye.  It looks like the boys has three nuts.  I am all for it.  And it looks like his load is huge! Does an extra nut mean more cum?  If so, sign me up!

Scene Description: Yo wud up? Got a hot video this week!.. Me and my bros
were hanging out in my room. Chilling out and smokin up. This new pledge
Kris said he wanted to show us some tattoos on his ass. I think he just
wanted to get fucked. When my dick went all the way into him his eyes went
to the back of his head. So gay.

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