This is What Happens When I Place a Craigslist Ad

Porn Review

I’ve totally done this so many times.  There is a thrill in having anonymous hook-ups.

Scene Description:

“I love getting fucked raw by strangersletting just anyone come around and me getting filmed being such a dirty cunt and taking a raw breeder’s load in the back of my arse. Me and my mate,
who’s actually the boy from Brighton videos (we have become fuck buddies
now) We went on a pervy holiday; offers me out to the world for any
anonymous naughty BB cum giver to cum use our boy holes and spunk there
load wherever they want, turns out two of the guys are fit as fuck, the
first guy is just so keen to shag the fuck out of me I GET SOOO TURNED ON
by this fantasy I’m ready to cum right away….you can see just how much I
love anonymous naughty breeders and the thought of being used on film for
everyone to see. The two young fit couple at the end of the film use and
spunk up my mate and I have to then have a go with there cum in his
arse…This video I wank off to dAILY…(yes we were are this twisted and
want you all to know it) lol.”

Ok, aside from the whacky description, it is fucking hot!

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