‘After The Barfight’ is probably the Quietest Sex I’ve ever Seen

Porn Review

I’m not a fan of this site, but the top[Rex] in this video has a twink bad-boy appeal. I always like watching the interview portion of these videos.  It’s so obvious the bottom[Aaron]  isn’t really interested in anything he has to say.  Just fuck him already!  And he does!  It’s pretty hot, but for a ‘bad-boy’  he is extremely quiet till he is about to bust.  Maybe it is nerves or poor direction, but they just seem to be going through the motions.  The director should have coached these boys some.  “LET ME HEAR IT!”

Scene Description: It’s not often we work with straight guys,
but Rex was super eager to have his first gay sex experience so we figured
why not?? Leave it to the straight guy to get in a bar fight the night
before a shoot, and show up with a black eye! Aaron’s had his fair share of
gay sex, but it’s his explanation of his first time getting fucked that you
should really hear! Rex says he can usually cum and keep fucking to give
multiple loads… to which Aaron replies, “I need multiple!” And sure
enough, Rex fucked Aaron so hard and good that he made him cum
unexpectedly, and a few seconds later, dumped his load into Aaron’s ass.
But he wasn’t done… he rolled Aaron over, held him down, and kept
pounding him until he blew his second load all over his hole! Something
tells me this won’t be the last time Rex finds a guy’s willing hole to dump
his loads into. 

Watch Here!

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