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I was a fairly new exclusive at Men in mid-2013.  I was making my rounds with the company, ya know, you have to do scenes with all existing exclusives and I was just coming off my really fucking hot scene with the Men poster child Johnny Rapid in Father Figure.  The scene was performing incredibly well and I was starting to gain some confidence in my performing.

There are a lot of blogs/porn trolls who scoff at Johnny Rapid or try to exploit his personal life for clicks, but Johnny is an incredible performer.  I learned a ton from him.  He’s always thinking of ways to better himself.  He thinks of ways to be more animated in front of the camera.  All that being said, do you know what makes Johnny stand above the rest?  He remains in character throughout the entire scene.  Think about it.  Most porn, you are presented with the ‘set-up’ to sex which is called the b-roll.  You get a gist of the character types and the scenario in which they will have sex.  But as soon as the sex starts, the characterization is gone and you are left with two guys fucking.  Johnny will remain in character.

I remember he was riding my dick and said, “Wow, Uncle Billy, I never did this before.  It feels kinda good.”  Yes, I started laughing.  But he was 100% in character. I totally just went off on a tangent, but my point was, I was gaining some confidence as to what Men wanted out of a performer.

Back to the scene that got me in trouble at Men.  I was scheduled to perform in 3 scenes in Atlanta with Edward James directing/producing.  I liked James a lot.  He reminded me of my family back home.  100% politically incorrect and stories for days about the industry!  I genuinely looked forward to going to his studio.   When my flight landed in Atlanta, I received a text that my scenes are cancelled.  Well, that sucks.  I was annoyed.  Men is the type of company that will still pay you for your scenes as an exclusive and you will just make them up later, so money wasn’t my concern.  I wanted to work!

I asked the producer what’s up.  He told me someone on the straight side of the industry tested ‘dirty’ [which means they were not clear to work due to a positive test result],  but with the abundance of cross-over performers and we all use the same testing procedures, there was a moratorium in production until all  performers who worked with the model who tested positive [and not necessarily HIV]  were treated and retested.  We found out later that the story had broken that it was Mr. Marcus. There was nothing I could do.  I could not work with anyone until the moratorium was lifted.

The head of production for Men told James that I could do a solo.  Yuk!  A solo?  Why would I do a solo? Nothing is more boring!  Solos are used to access a new model’s ability/comfort level in front of a camera.  But, I thought to myself, I’ll do it, but I will include a fetish or something. I didn’t tell James what my plan was.

I arrive on set and we dressed me up in a suit.  The scenario would be that I come home from work and just loosen my tie and relax, then casually start rubbing my dick through my pants.  BAM!  Porn!  I teased, played, used toys on my hole, and did some suit and muscle worship.  I was waiting for the right moment to unleash my fetish!  And when I did it, James freaked.  He was shocked.  I was shocked.  You just have to SEE FOR YOURSELF   search ‘Billy Santoro Solo’.  

A few weeks later, I got a call from the assistant to the head of production.  They were not pleased with my content.  I was not renewed as an exclusive after that.  I still, to this day, perform in scenes. But they certainly have a tighter leash on me. I mean, that could be fun too!

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Johnny Rapid is probably so in character, but he is an actor playing a gay guy fucking. I knew men was very straight -gay4pay, but I didn’t know there are that many crossover performers. Total turn off to me. I want to see fucking not acting. When I find out they are faking the sex, it turns me off completely. Gay sex is the ultimate expression of our identity as gay men. We fought for generations to claim that identity proudly. I just cannot accept straight guys turning it in to something about them. Is there any area of our world that we can own without them. And the profits go to gay men, not a big straight owned corporation. I also find it disgusting that discriminates against poz guys while using condoms. Glad to see you at Lucas now, which is more committed to making the effort of finding gay or bi men (most of the time). Kudos to Lucas!

You should not watch studio porn. They are productions of someone else’s vision. It is NEVER real. Even though I am gay, I am acting in those videos. You would be better served watching real, homemade porn like on Leaked and Loadedor on our OnlyFans / JustFor.Fans platforms. Those are 100% real


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