Adult Entertainment Offers Many Outlets. If You Bully Performers, You Should Be Boycotted!

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I posted an article submitted by adult performer/producer Big C a few weeks ago discussing his reasoning for choosing to do performer produced content utilizing platforms such as OnlyFans and the brand new, JustFor.Fans.  It was a great article and I do not disagree with him with regards to the genre.  I do, however, take issue with the fact that he is belittling the work of others.

It takes guts to do what we do.  Everyone who is a performer has my respect whether I get along with them or not. It is bad enough we have trolls, cyberbullies, and hate blogs tearing us down.  We will NOT stand for our peers to make that attempt!

I have been following along quietly on social media.  I watch performers who elect not to use performer produced platforms have to constantly defend themselves against Big C’s snarky remarks and blatant attacks.  Sometimes, I sit here and just shake my head thinking, “Girl, make your money and shut up. Nobody cares.”  But I’m wrong, the persistent slights are beginning to wear on hard working performers in the studio porn industry.  Here is just the latest round of screen shots I gathered.

We assume he is attacking long-time director Chi Chi LaRue based on Armond Rizzo’s response.  Is this necessary and is this something fans support?  I am starting to wonder how anyone thrives while blatantly bashing of performers.  When I was deciding whether or not to call this to everyone’s attention, I thought to myself, “Does anyone even know this guy?”  But, it doesn’t matter.  He is attacking performers and attempting to slander/defame their character and that is unacceptable moving forward.  If you love and support Big C  as one of his fans, show him you love his content, but hate is piss-poor fucking attitude.  It’s the next tweet that got my panties in a bunch:

Honey, now it’s time to bring you down a notch.  You are NOT in a porn performer.  You have real sex with a cell phone camera. You do NOT play a role for a director in a script; that is a Porn Performer/Actor.  You are an adult entertainer, yes.  Until you have been in a few studio films, you should shut your mouth and do you.  Do NOT get these facts twisted.  Now, if you decide to come for me, attack me, whatever… I don’t care.  I have been doing Exactly what you do longer and better, yet I have attacked NOBODY for their choices or their content, because we are all carving our niche in this industry and ALL deserve respect!



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I use to follow big C and his husband on Twitter it was about October or November of 2017 I noticed his tweet attracts on porn stars about not wanting to work with him for his “only fans” to nasty comments about how fake the performances were on the scenes the company’s they work for it was an ugly trait I unfollowed them both right away

Hey that was a great article on that big C guy Billy I have been seeing them talk trash about chi chi and Armond and Phoenix fellington I wanted go say something so bad to big C cause it pissed me off them being so arrogant and everything else but didn’t want to start anything on social media by them saying go me and ur own business and ur not in the adult industry Thank you for being a voice

I don’t read it as performer bashing. To me it looks like he was insulted that Chi Chi offered him $400 to do a sex scene and he was lashing out at the guys who agreed to accept that rate. There are a number of people that would be insulted if you offered them $400 for a scene .. just sayin.

Agreed, he needs to keep his mouth shut and do his own thing and make his money. He makes it clear he doesn’t agree with studio type work. Sadly until others stand up against his bullying and stop supporting him he will continue. This includes Armond who just recently filmed something with him. Talk about stabbing people in their backs.

They are arrogant and will go after anyone that they feel threatened by or that turns them down. There is enough the industry and community has to deal with and this should not be part of it. We all have our differences but attacking and being bullies just proves how weak one is. They should be boycotted as should anyone that works with them, this includes Armond who obviously is a hypocrite. Instead of standing by the community that has made him, as Gunner stated he stabbed them all in the back by making content with Big C.

The interaction inbedded in the post might have been after, but no doubt BigC has been attacking the studio industry for a long time. That being said unless Armond lives under a rock he knew.


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