For All You Boys Who Like to Get High And Fuck!

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“This precious lil puppy showed up at my
doorstep the other night (granted I gave him my address, but I would like
to pretend he was lost and found his way). After he settled in, we packed
the bong a couple times and I had a few stiff drinks per usual. I was about
to drain the snake when he suggested I don’t waste it and give him my
piss. I was a bit shocked because he was just so smiley and innocent
looking, but I should have known he had some kink him, that caterpillar on
his lip is a dead giveaway. Woof. So, when I was done hosing him down he
was rock hard so we moved things back to the couch. Well, you guys know the
drill, he let me use his furry hole until I was ready to bust (despite the
fact he had gotten torn up earlier and fucked up his back), so I guess
he’s also a good pup.”


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