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I remember this!  I was just starting my exclusive deal with  I arrived in Atlanta to shoot my scenes.  I woke up and did all my douching and stretching, then I got a text from the producer, “There’s a moratorium.  We are canceling all scenes till further notice.”  Ok.  I was very new to the industry and my prior scenes didn’t require testing.  I had gotten tested for this scene and had to jump through hoops to prove from that my syphilis positive report was not a new infection through my RPR levels.  When you test reactive for syphilis, you will probably test reactive forever.  The key is in the RPR level.  The level must increase at least four-times to be declared a new infection.  I asked the producer what I should do for 5 days or should I change my flight.  The head of production said I will do a solo scene.  I did my second ever solo scene and my first ever watersports scene.  I hope you read the following and come to understand that the concern should no longer be focused on HIV with the scientific advancements…


Nica Noelle: The Curious Case of Mr. Marcus


“The first thing I noticed was some kind of rash on the palm of my hand,” explains Marcus Spencer, better known to fans of adult films as simply “Mr. Marcus.” 

“I didn’t know what it was, but it never occurred to me that it was any kind of sexually transmitted disease.”

The spots were brown and appeared on his palm.  Assuming he was suffering from a skin condition or “stress,” Marcus searched the Internet with the phrase “brown spots on hand.” The search returned links to information on “liver spots” and vitamin deficiencies.


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