Director’s Spotlight- Chi Chi LaRue

Director Spotlight

“Yasssss, Billy!  Lick that ass!  Spit on it!  Get nasty!” cheers internationally renown gay porn director Chi Chi LaRure as she hovers over a monitor watching the filming of Intense Interrogation starring Trenton Ducati and yours truly.  It’s always been a dream to be directed by Chi Chi LaRue

Let’s face it, we all grew up with Chi Chi.  She has spent more than 32 years in the adult film industry surrounded by all personality types.  She has more accolades and awards than anyone in the industry.  She has had a crazy life and I have a feeling she wouldn’t change a thing.

Picture it, June 2003.  I was a young gay twink living in Philadelphia.  I volunteered as an usher at the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival sponsored by TLA Video.  One night, I was working the theatre and the slightly, ok not slightly, very overweight drag queen looked me up and down and said, “Honey, you should be illegal.”  I chuckled.  My friend said that was Ch iChi LaRue, the huge porn director.  Later that night I saw her again.  This time she said, “If you put on some muscle, you could be a fucking star.”  I was pretty embarrassed.  I had the lowest self esteem during those years and this drag queen was basically telling me I had potential, but still wasn’t good enough. Fast forward almost a decade.

I opened a gay bar and acted as managing partner for the business.  I emailed Chi Chi LaRue to book her as a DJ.  I found out she had been touring with this craft.  I assumed since porn piracy was up, that perhaps the profits were down and she was supplementing with this art form.  It makes sense.  It’s actually brilliant on her end.  As a bar manager, the goal is to fill the bar.  Chi Chi has a name associated with sex and NOW we have something she can do..DJ!  She brought Adam Killian and Mitchell Rock with her.  It was a blast!  Adam asked me why I didn’t do porn.  I was too fucking busy to think outside of running my nightclub.  But I had changed my body and worked hard to feel better about myself.  Maybe one day I would check that box.  Fast Forward to 2013.

I emailed Chi Chi and told her I am ready to do porn.  I want to try it.  She was very real with me.  “Why do you want to do porn?”  I told her I am a huge exhibitionist and a huge slut.  She said, “Damn it!  I am not shooting that much anymore, but when I do, you owe me a scene!”  Needless to say, I started my porn career.

Finally, Chi Chi started to film again.  I was cast with Trenton Ducati in a flip scene.  By this time, I had been in porn for about a year, but have been featured in more than 75 scenes.  I knew what I was doing. So I thought.  I realized I have only been ‘directed’ properly once before.  Chi Chi takes the time to teach and coach you through a scene.  I learned so much.  You can tell she loves every minute of this.  It’s not like most directors who point the camera and count the minutes.  When a performer is a true exhibitionist, Chi Chi salivates to help show the performer at their fullest potential then she will push you a step further so you grow.  You can tell the difference in my performances since Intense Interrogation compared to my previous work.  She instils a confidence in you that most directors lack.

As I grow into other roles within the adult industry, I have reached out to Chi Chi as my mentor.  There was a time I brought a brand new model to Icon Male and he was getting cold feet.  I called Chi Chi and asked, “How do you talk a brand new model off the ledge?”  I honestly had no idea how to convince him that his nerves were getting the better of him.  Needless to say, she advised me there is nothing I can say.  Ultimately, the model must be ready.  Only he knows he’s ready.  This knowledge comes from 32 years of experience.

Chi Chi LaRue is not done yet!  She has had her ups and downs with addiction.  That is a constant battle for life.  But we love her.  Without her, this industry would be more messed up than it is.  We are thankful Chi Chi has been guest directing for studios such as Falcon, Icon  Male, and  I asked Chi Chi what she would do differently in a perfect world.  She said, “I am doing exactly what I want to be doing.”  If that is not your answer as well, you need to reevaluate your choices.


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