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Gay pornstar Topher DiMaggio has been accused by a third person of rape. The first accusation, made by fellow gay porn star Tegan Zayne, has definitely caused a debate within the industry about whether his story qualifies as rape or sexual assault.

However, the second and third accusations, reported (and I use that term lightly) by Str8UP Gay Porn, simply do not hold water. Their story regarding the third accusation is a perfect example of lazy journalism that should not be trusted.

Using anonymous sources in journalism is not something new, in fact, this practice is common, especially in stories that discuss sexual assault or rape. However, to not even meet your subject and report a story from one conversation over the phone is irresponsible and displays a severe lack of intelligence in how to accurately report a story about a topic this sensitive.

The article is based on one phone conversation that has a significant lack of details. For example, “Bryan” makes the claim that he met Topher in a night club in Sacramento. The article does not answer the question what night club, a tighter time frame as to when it occurred, or who, if anyone, was with this person that could possibly corroborate Topher and this “Bryan” being together at the same time. Proper reporting would be to ask to speak with one of “Bryan’s” friends to hear more information about that night. This can also be done anonymously and should not be too difficult to obtain if the story were true.

Details aside, the main problems with the reporting stem from the fact that their sources are not developed, based on a single story with no corroborating evidence, and riddled with possible inaccuracies. The story also failed to reach out to Topher for comment on this, which shows potential bias and based solely on a rush to publish.

Stories about sexual assault and rape are serious topics that require serious reporting and impact real people and their lives. They should not be clickbait to drive views or to increase web traffic. However, this seems to have become the sad reality of what has been happening recently. It is my hope that the reporting of rape and sexual assault is treated with great care in the future by good people who seek to find the truth and hold those who commit wrongs accountable. Rape and sexual assault are no joke and should not be reported on by people who are also considered jokes.


UPDATE:  Dominic Pacifico Corroborates the Third Survivor’s Account of The Alleged Sexual Assault/Rape.


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I’d say it’s the opposite: Str8up covered Topher’s ass for as long as he could to protect Cockyboys. Str8up acknowledges that Tegan tweeted about the rape in November, so why didn’t he write an article about it back then? Instead, a few days later he wrote an article about something insignificant to make Tegan look like a crazy person, and that’s probably because Tegan says he told a Cockyboys producer about the rape when it happened and they didn’t do anything and just continued hiring Topher. Str8up, of course, denies it: “Tegan Zayne did not report the accusation to a production company. He posted it on Twitter last weekend.”

Not listing the specific night club does not mean the story is fake news though. Personally I think Topher is guilty as charged. He comes across as being arrogant and someone who would do these kinds of things.


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