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I was anonymously sent this email from 2015.  Can any producers, etc. verify this?  Please share your experience with me in that “dying DVD market.”

From: Jan Milstead
Sent: Sunday, July 12, 2015 2:37 AM
To: Mark Wilson
Subject: Re: CockyBoys Payout

Hi Mark,

Not surprising since Cocky Boys is owned by EuroMedia and that company owes Bel-Ami nearly $250K from what I heard. They distributed the Taboo Twins videos that none of the other distributors would touch because it contains incest. I was told they never paid BelAmi for the DVD sales. They also supposedly stiffed Satyr Films for over $40K and I heard other producers were stiffed too.

CockyBoys is basically a ponzi scheme. What they do is get product on credit or on consignment from producers like BelAmi for their EuroMedia distribution company. Then rather than paying the producers back for the product they take that income and produce CockyBoys videos.

Then they have to stall payments they owe till they get paid for the CB DVDs they sell and in the DVD business people are consistently late to pay. TLA even made people take a 25% cut in payments and issue 90 day terms or get cut from their catalog all together. I think every studio but Treasure Island took that deal and then they still didn’t meet the 90 day deadline.

They’re currently running 120+ days on paying debts. The flaw in the CB scheme is that their product is pretty weak and doesn’t move. We had stores tell us out right, “No. Do not send us CB DVDs. We don’t want them.” They also dumped a lot of money into buying ads and awards for the movies, neither of which as you know increase sales in a dying DVD market. The way DVD sales are headed I doubt they’ll be able to climb out of debt.


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