Washington DC Proposes Bill to Decriminalize Sex Work

This could set the tone for the nation.  If this bill passes, it’s only a matter of time before the domino effect takes place. “The reason I want to do it, in a nutshell, is I do not think the criminalization of sex workers has worked for the District of …

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Tweet of The Week

“An alleged rapist plagiarizing someone else’s denial of rape. I’ve reported on a lot of crazy things but this is possibly one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen someone do.” -@ZacharySire  Do we need to remind this owner of Str8upgayporn the article he did after losing the best blog …

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The Evolution of Porn is Upon Us- Change or Be Left Behind!

For years, the studio porn style of content has been on the decline.  But is it finally dead?  With the accessibility to performers via social media, fans feel more connected to their favorite stars.  What does this mean?  It means that fans get to know what the performers are really …

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It’s No Secret that Lucas Entertainment Specializes in the Art of the Threeway

Lucas Entertainmenthas fucking done it this time!  Dylan James is probably the studios number one performer, I mean if you don’t count Devin Franco.  I love that guy.  We did a club appearance together in Charlotte, NC and trust me when I say Dylan is a cock whore!  He loves …


The Atlantis Cruise that Killed or is this Just the First Time the Press got Wind of it?

An Open Letter to the CEO of Royal Caribbean on Safety, Negligence, and Drug Use on Atlantis Cruises   READ OPEN LETTER   I received this text message from a friend who is really upset by this tragedy: I feel like it’s not the cruises fault these people were stupid, …